Fun Look

My sister rocked this fun day look and I  am loving how  it came out, from the thick brows down to the glossy lips I combed them up using a spoolie then fill in the empty areas blending everything once again with the same spoolie remember, light strokes especially if you have thick brows sometimes its best to avoid shading them all together you can as well comb them up using a brow fixer just to lay them down. Several things to consider while applying eye shadow include:

  • The primer, Eye primer is a guarantee that the eyshadow will last the whole day without creasing this is undeniably true get your self a good eye primer I use jambo pencils for this it works great as a base plus you don’t break the bank
  • The type of eyeshadow. The science in the making of eyeshadows is a peculiar one as do every item out there there are good quality eyeshadows out that deliver, but this goes back to the primer a base will hold any eyeshadow down. Another tip I learned was splashing your brush with water just to intensify the shade this works great with shimmery colors the difference is ten times better.
  • Blending. Blend till you cant blend no more. Blend the colours. This will make your look more seamless
  • Wear mascara or lashes
  • You can always switch up your look adding eye liner for a little more drama  Read more…















Thank you so much for checking in guys stay blessed.

Bronzed up!

Wow! Its seems like forever  I have been on here and one thing is  for certain I missed you so much. A lot has happened over the couple of months I have been away I have to say i’m beyond blessed to have amazing readers who support what I do. We are all here to learn and share incredible ideas that will benefit our day to day routine so enough of the pleasantries I’m definitely back and better ready to share everything I have learned about health,beauty and lifestyle yes, we are going big guys!.

So this year words like dewy,glowing,skin like, subtle, bronzed, fresh have been frequently used on social media big names in the makeup industry achieving the “barely there” makeup look which mainly focuses on the skin looking and feeling fresh, using deep moisturizers and a little to no powder to maintain that glowing fresh look. A new era in makeup has risen and I’m definitely here for it.


This is  one of my favorite shots. My girl @Luzariah is fire rocking this bronzed everyday look plus @rgfondo who took this bomb shots ya’ll should check them out.









Hope you guys enjoyed this look as much as I enjoyed creating it. More awesome content coming your way thank you so much for checking in love you and stay blessed.




Its been a very long weekend thanks to Jamhuri day(Independence day ) here in Kenya and yes I just had to do a makeup look to represent the remarkable day. Kenya celebrates 53 years of independence since 12th December 1963. My gorgeous model  Cathy Joy definitely came through and I  could not be more proud of the final look. Hope you enjoy the pictures










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Sleek Coffee Bean Creme to Powder

Sleek Fair CC Creamr a caption

L.A GIRL Pro-Conceal HD High Definition Concealer-Fawnn

BH COSMETICS 7 Pc Faux Croc Brush Setn

Top five foundations

When it comes to choosing foundations a few things are always considered before purchasing the right one apart from the price we have the texture, coverage (is it full,medium or sheer) , longevity(is it 24hrs), and basically how it wears throughout the day  (will it stick on laugh lines or look cacky ). So many questions to ask when deciding the best one. Here are top five foundations that I swear by,  just remember when purchasing one check whether its for your skin type oily, dry or medium.

Full coverage cream foundation

“Ultimate Coverage!

Dark spots, scars, flaws and blemishes… This new foundation hides the most severe imperfections… to perfection without caking..Its innovative formula and creamy texture perfectly conceals flaws and blemishes for a totally smooth looking skin.
Enriched in extremely fine, micronized pigments, the Full Coverage Cream Foundation offers an even make up result in extremely pure and vibrant colours.
Oil Free and Fragrance Free. Size: 1.20 FL. OZ.”

By far the best foundation I have come across my sister introduced me to this a few years back when I started learning about makeup and I’m still in love, the texture ,coverage everything they say about this foundation is true. The downside is the product is a bit on the pricey side but its definitely worth the buy a little goes a long way.


MAYBELLINE Mahogany Dream Matte Mousse Foundation

Maybelline has amazing products when it comes to beauty their price range is semi affordable and the products work really well. I love their concealer also the texture is amazing I would say definitely worth the buy. It has amazing reviews and is known as  one of the most recognized beauty brands in the industry. Remember when it comes to makeup application start with less product and build up until you get the desired look.



Revlon is another beauty brand taking the industry by storm recently announcing International singer Ciara as their ambassador. Their foundations are impeccable, be ready for non stop compliments wherever you go. Super chic and classy you can never go wrong when you choose this foundation.


True Color Pore Perfecting Liquid Foundation kalahari sand

I love Black opal very pocket friendly and does a lot for the skin meaning it clears up those pores makeup stays flawless wear this on a night out with the guys or when taking photos perfect for photos guys. Also great for when you are travelling super quick and easy to apply dash a bit of powder on top and you are set.


MARY KAY Timewise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation
Key Features
  • Provides all-day shine control and oil control without a heavy makeup look or feel.
  • Gives skin a long-lasting, matte finish.
  • Color stays true hour after hour.
  • Shade: Bronze 6
  • Transfer- and humidity-resistant.

I love using this foundation on my clients MaryKay is super versatile and blends in very well with the skin. this is great for us oily girls due to its long lasting matte effect. The pricing is not that bad either and a little goes a long way.

Other mentions include M.A.Ccovergirlflormarsleek. for more information on foundation application Click here

Thank you for checking in today hope you enjoyed this post. Comment down below if you know of any other amazing foundations. Be blessed, stay blessed



Skin care update


NAILYCIOUS Electric Professional 5 in 1 Multi-Function Portable Facial Skin Care Electric Massager/Cleanser/Scrubber
AFROLICIOUSKE Raw East African Shea Butter – 500ml


Whether you are a makeup lover or not taking good care of your skin is a plus for having vibrant skin now that the holidays are here having clear skin is fun and easy at the same time, makeup looks flawless and skin looks good without all the makeup such activities like swimming and when you just decide to chill with no makeup on comes as a no brainer no time to worry about that pimple or blemish.  A few steps that I take to having good skin well, almost good skin I’m slowly getting there, is first and foremost drinking tons of water this has become a taboo which I’m  not planning to stop anytime soon. Water leaves your body hydrated and helps remove all the toxins that can lead to  bacteria which cause breakouts. click here to learn more.  My regimen has not really changed from my last skin care  post. click here I definitely drink more water, try to exercise and stay away from the dreadful sun. I have however added a few tools and  natural products that are helping to improve the overall look that I am going for.

I recently purchased the NAILYCIOUS Electric Professional 5 in 1 Multi-Function Portable Facial Skin Care Electric Massager/Cleanser/Scrubber and so far so good. It deeply cleanses the skin removing dead skin leaving the skin smooth and vibrant however the bristles on the device are very hard so it can damage the skin if used often. I recommend using it twice a week to be on the safe side. Use with a very light touch and use it for at least a minute. If you are a beginner to the device you will encounter more breakouts at first,  don’t worry, this is a sign that it is working. The bacteria is pushed to the surface of the skin which causes a lot of breakouts continue using the device this will eventually stop.

I have been loving natural products too especially the Raw Shea butter for both hair and body. I do a DIY,  mixing it with coconut oiljojoba oil and sweet almond oil this altogether makes a great moisturizing and anti aging skincare natural product. Use this mixture every night after your cleansing and wake up to a more youthful acne free skin. This quick DIY is inexpensive easy to find and will last you as long as you want.

Thank you for checking in today be blessed, stay blessed.

Click the links below if you wish to purchase any of the mentioned products

Also Click here  for great deals on beauty products


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Top 3 Halloween Looks

I went scrolling down my Instagram page and all this Halloween looks were all so amazing I knew I had to jump on the band wagon and create something myself. First I needed inspiration, a look that represented my dark side lol. Second it had to be simple and had a little bit of edginess to it. So I watched a couple of YouTube videos and yes! I stumbled upon chrisspys Chanel her skull look was the one and the next day I was on it.


What can I say the look spoke to me. I was all sorts of inspired and like all the other looks I just had to recreate.

The month was still alive Halloween looks were everywhere on social media, all this creativity…artists creating this unreal looks my mind was blown away safe to say I had to create one more, so I went on the hunt and Christine Dominique happened, yet another youtuber killing the Harley queen look yes! This was it. Fun, simple and fabulous



It was fun recreating this look thank you suicide squad.

As the month was getting closer to an end I needed one more look to seal the deal and yet again I stumbled upon an amazing artist on Instagram by the name @makeupbyrosec she had a clown look and it was exactly what I was looking for simple and edgy so why not.





I had the best time recreating this looks and was super obsessed with the end results. Hope you guys enjoyed them as much as I did. Comment below and let me know your favourite look amongst the three and what you would like to be for Halloween or just in general if you don’t believe in all the hype. Can’t wait for next year.

Thank you so much for checking in and as always be blessed, stay blessed mwaaah!

Huddah Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

“Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin or in a Huddah Matte liquid lipstick either in ROYALTY , KING JAZMINE , VAMP or ANGEL😊. Great quality,Pocket friendly. Affordability is key to me” Huddahthebosschick

Hey love it has been a minute but hope all is well, glad to be back with the latest beauty trends happening around the globe speaking of trends, here today is to give you a brief review of the huddahcosmetics  lipsticks that recently came out and have been causing quite a buzz around town. Four versatile matte shades that are perfect for women of color. With me I have two of the shades that I will discuss Royalty and Angel. The other two shades are Vamp a deep red shade that goes well with all skin tones and King Jazmine that is for light skin toned ladies

  1. Royalty





This is by far the best shade I have ever owned the color pigmentation is amazing and just like all the rest it does not transfer at all and is super comfortable  on the lips. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize the lips before applying the product for that velvet finish and to avoid cracks during the day click here to learn more.  This shade is best for all skin tones any one can rock it and believe me when I say one does feel like royalty.

2. Angel




This is a deep nude shade, a shade darker than King Jazmine, although it may seem to go well with all skin tones it does vary. If you are darker it will look ashy and create a little bit of unnecessary attention opt to use a dark lip liner around the lips to create an ombre effect that is if you really must use it click here to learn more. I would not recommend angel and King Jazmine if you are darker toned stick to vamp and royalty.

Needless to say the lipsticks are amazing cant wait to see what Huddah will come up with next. Share your thoughts if you have already tried any of the lippies, and on that note do have a blessed week.

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Kenya Fashion Awards 2016 (Canon Workshop Photo Gallery)


As we get closer to the Kenya Fashion Awards Gala on the 3rd of September I take this opportunity to thank everyone for all the love and support from my readers and clients to everyone I have worked a alongside with. The journey has just begun and I’m looking forward to more amazing and inspiring experiences.

Today’s post is a collaboration with Kenya Fashion Awards and Canon Africa. to bring you amazing talent from Kenyan fashion designers, models and photographers. I had an awesome time creating different looks  for the models the makeup was more high fashion, working with different colors and techniques to bring out the designs definitely had a lot to learn and share. Hope you enjoy..



















Special thanks to: Cathy EsamaiGalina TatarinovaKenya Fashion AwardsEros GozeKeef Photography Faraji Kevin. For more information about the Kenya Fashion awards gala on the 3rd September Click here

Thank you so much for checking in today will be uploading more photos on this gallery as they come in and as always..

Stay blessed.

The Kenya Fashion Awards 2016 Makeup Breakdown


I got to be part of one of the best fashion events in the country and enjoyed every part of it from working with other makeup artists to meeting new and incredible people. I’m glad to share everything that went down with you especially new makeup tips and tricks I learned while I was there.




I managed to give a wicked cat eye to one of the models Cathy Esamai using a black liquid liner another easy way of getting a perfect cat eye is using tape as a guide clean up under with a concealer to make it pop more. For foundation I went with her black opal foundation I also did a bit of highlighting and contouring to bring out those cheek here to read more.



The next model was singer Wayinke who had stunning eyes which I made pop even more by giving her a smokey cat eye simply but creating a winged line then slowy smudging it out using a small blending brush, a bit of gold shimmer on the lid gave her eyes that sexy look.

click here to my youtube channel to watch the models kill the runway


The best part was the master class learning the model look of the night along side other makeup artists from blackup. We had one of the best Makeup artists Kangai Mwiti from Bellesaafrica show us step by step how to achieve the look plus a few tips, she worked on our very own the stunnung CarolOdero.

 Only using blackup products she began with the eyes starting with an elecrtic blue eyeshadow shade all over the lid then blending it out  with a dark brown shade which she achieved by mixing black and brown shades. Her highight and contour skills are amazing she bagun by using a lighter shade under her eyes, on the forehead and the jawline which matched Carols chest then using her face tone as the contour because it was slighty darker  the look was perfect and I for one had a great time re creating it on the models.



Thank you so much for checking in today if you enjoyed the video click here, be sure to attend the fashion awards gala on the 3rd September click here for more details.

Stay blessed mwaah

Makeup all day


Ever so often I find myself working with different skin tones which I very much enjoy doing. Beauty is diverse in so many different ways and capturing its essence is a part that I proudly lavish in. My girl Rosa did just that during our session, we managed to get some shots that potrayed what we were going for not forgetting the talented photographers JaydenKamau and Rauldmarialenses who made everyhting come together.

Todays post is  everything from how to spice up your look to having that makeup intact all day through the night as you may. I write this because I’ve had  my fare share of bad moments when my makeup tends to just not work out. I did my research and here are some tips that on a personal level I believe can be of great help if you are a lover of makeup or just want to try something new.

  1. Moisturize well and be sure to use a face  primer to keep the foundation intact. Be sure to get a primer for your skin type, opt for (all skin types) to be on the safe side. A good primer that I recommend is the illuminating primer makeup base from flormar , gentle on the skin and lesser trips to the bathroom for touchups
  2. Use a primer before applying eyeshadow to prevent creasing I’m a huge fan of the davis jumbo eye pencils they work great as a base for the shadows plus super affordable and easy to get. click here to readmore.
  3. If you fall on the oily skin type best carry a blotting paper to keep the oil at bay once in a day especially when the sun decides to get crazy.
  4. Get a good foundation, one that matches your skin well and is easy to blend click here to read more.
  5. You can always spice up your look by using a black eyeliner pencil only on the outer corners of the eye and blend it in towards the inner corner for that cat eye smokey effect. set the liner with a black shadow or dark brown  for it to last long without creasing.












Thank you for checking in today enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Stay bessed.