Fun Look

My sister rocked this fun day look and I  am loving how  it came out, from the thick brows down to the glossy lips I combed them up using a spoolie then fill in the empty areas blending everything once again with the same spoolie remember, light strokes especially if you have thick brows sometimes its best to avoid shading them all together you can as well comb them up using a brow fixer just to lay them down. Several things to consider while applying eye shadow include:

  • The primer, Eye primer is a guarantee that the eyshadow will last the whole day without creasing this is undeniably true get your self a good eye primer I use jambo pencils for this it works great as a base plus you don’t break the bank
  • The type of eyeshadow. The science in the making of eyeshadows is a peculiar one as do every item out there there are good quality eyeshadows out that deliver, but this goes back to the primer a base will hold any eyeshadow down. Another tip I learned was splashing your brush with water just to intensify the shade this works great with shimmery colors the difference is ten times better.
  • Blending. Blend till you cant blend no more. Blend the colours. This will make your look more seamless
  • Wear mascara or lashes
  • You can always switch up your look adding eye liner for a little more drama  Read more…















Thank you so much for checking in guys stay blessed.



I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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