Huddah Matte Liquid Lipstick Review

“Beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin or in a Huddah Matte liquid lipstick either in ROYALTY , KING JAZMINE , VAMP or ANGEL😊. Great quality,Pocket friendly. Affordability is key to me” Huddahthebosschick

Hey love it has been a minute but hope all is well, glad to be back with the latest beauty trends happening around the globe speaking of trends, here today is to give you a brief review of the huddahcosmetics  lipsticks that recently came out and have been causing quite a buzz around town. Four versatile matte shades that are perfect for women of color. With me I have two of the shades that I will discuss Royalty and Angel. The other two shades are Vamp a deep red shade that goes well with all skin tones and King Jazmine that is for light skin toned ladies

  1. Royalty





This is by far the best shade I have ever owned the color pigmentation is amazing and just like all the rest it does not transfer at all and is super comfortable  on the lips. Be sure to exfoliate and moisturize the lips before applying the product for that velvet finish and to avoid cracks during the day click here to learn more.  This shade is best for all skin tones any one can rock it and believe me when I say one does feel like royalty.

2. Angel




This is a deep nude shade, a shade darker than King Jazmine, although it may seem to go well with all skin tones it does vary. If you are darker it will look ashy and create a little bit of unnecessary attention opt to use a dark lip liner around the lips to create an ombre effect that is if you really must use it click here to learn more. I would not recommend angel and King Jazmine if you are darker toned stick to vamp and royalty.

Needless to say the lipsticks are amazing cant wait to see what Huddah will come up with next. Share your thoughts if you have already tried any of the lippies, and on that note do have a blessed week.

Thank you for checking in today



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