Makeup all day


Ever so often I find myself working with different skin tones which I very much enjoy doing. Beauty is diverse in so many different ways and capturing its essence is a part that I proudly lavish in. My girl Rosa did just that during our session, we managed to get some shots that potrayed what we were going for not forgetting the talented photographers JaydenKamau and Rauldmarialenses who made everyhting come together.

Todays post is  everything from how to spice up your look to having that makeup intact all day through the night as you may. I write this because I’ve had  my fare share of bad moments when my makeup tends to just not work out. I did my research and here are some tips that on a personal level I believe can be of great help if you are a lover of makeup or just want to try something new.

  1. Moisturize well and be sure to use a face  primer to keep the foundation intact. Be sure to get a primer for your skin type, opt for (all skin types) to be on the safe side. A good primer that I recommend is the illuminating primer makeup base from flormar , gentle on the skin and lesser trips to the bathroom for touchups
  2. Use a primer before applying eyeshadow to prevent creasing I’m a huge fan of the davis jumbo eye pencils they work great as a base for the shadows plus super affordable and easy to get. click here to readmore.
  3. If you fall on the oily skin type best carry a blotting paper to keep the oil at bay once in a day especially when the sun decides to get crazy.
  4. Get a good foundation, one that matches your skin well and is easy to blend click here to read more.
  5. You can always spice up your look by using a black eyeliner pencil only on the outer corners of the eye and blend it in towards the inner corner for that cat eye smokey effect. set the liner with a black shadow or dark brown  for it to last long without creasing.












Thank you for checking in today enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Stay bessed.




I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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