Sleek eye shadow AU NATURAL review


Sleek eye shadows are slowy growing on me especially the AU NATURAL 601 palette. I have mentioned it a few times in the previous posts and just figured I  do an entire review on it because I think it is very versatile. It is more of a night time palette but again there are no rules when it comes to make up so it can go away with a day time look too.

The pallette consists of twelve colors that can go with any skin tone, 8 matte shades, 5 that can be used to highlight the brow bone or as a transition shade on the upper lid and 2 dark brown shades which are my favourite for creating that smokey eye cick here. Lastly the black shadow for that night time look. If you are not that much into makeup then I highly recommend this one pallette. The colors are subtle and beautiful. The shimmery shades are super pigmented and beautiful, perfect for the lid  or inner corner depending on the time.

The best tip to having a bomb eyeshadow look is using an eyelid primer to avoid creasing during the day and blend well  using a light touch  for a flawless finish. click here to read more.  To get your very own pallette visit super cosmetics goes for 1200ksh. Plus if you tend to travel a lot this palette woud be great for you the packaging is amazing.








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