Get the perfect cat eye


We have embarked on this cold weather and I must say I’m feeling it compared to the heat that was. Hope you are keeping warm and enjoying yourself regardless. Todays post is something different, proud to collaborate with one of my favourite models who is also a close  friend on an editorial shoot that turned out to be more awesome than  expected. I definitely look forward to creating more fierce looks in the future. I incorporated products that I used on my previous posts click here plus a bold cat eye.Two tips of achieving the sharpest cat eye that I swear by are:

  1. Once you have the cat eye (leave it to dry) clean up the edge of the wing with a concealer brush using your favourite concealer follow up by blending that area to match the rest of the face.
  2. Use a tape very simple, cut a piece of tape stick it first on the back of the hand to reduce the intencity of the glue , place it on the edge of the eye and draw in the wing wait a few seconds for it to dry then gently remove the tape. Use a beauty blender to blend the area around the eye to match with the rest of the face.
  3. Remember practice makes perfect, take your time and be patient you will get the best outcome.

Hope you enjoy the look stay blessed


Model: Cathy Esamai
IG: @siege_ay







I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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