Beauty trends

Hello beauty lover hope you are keeping warm, terribly cold in Nairobi which means dry flaky skin for some of us, be sure to stay hydrated and moisturize always. This post is about two looks I created a while back incooperating it with a  few trends that are popular in the beauty industry.


Enjoyed creating this look focusing more on the eyes making it more vibrant. Nude lips will forever be my favourite. Products used

  • Urban decay naked pallete 2 for the eyes
  • Milan foundation shade in dark
  • Kiss beauty highlighter for a popping highlight
  • La colors for the lips
  • Suzie beauty powder for setting the foundation and finally
  • luron powder for contouring  Highlight and contour 101

There are a few changes in my makeup routine but that is for another day. A new trend going on in social media that I am really feeling is mixing a light weight foundation necessariy a BB cream (Click here to read more about BB creams) and your everyday foundation toning down the hard consistency of the foundation this gives out a way more natural airbrush finish.


Take a good look at your skin. You will probably realize that you don’t need foundation or tinted moisturizer everywhere. So use these products sparingly and only apply to those areas of the face that really need a bit of covering up. If you think you need a bit more coverage just lightly pat on a bit of concealer to those dark or red spots. And remember; go a bit darker in your shade as lighter shades of foundation can highlight the problem areas instead of camouflaging them.


Another trend that I’m loving is glossy lips rather glossy lips is back. Even though its more of a summer look good thing there are no rules when it comes to  makeup appication . Apply a lip liner then pop on a sheer lipgloss or any lipgloss that you love and its a done deal. Glosses are pretty on any skin tone.


The best part about the cold weather is that you can easily rock a bold lip or look in general. Its also better for oily beauties, skin adapts better to the changing weather. Dare to rock a bold lip this season you will love it..On the lips I have on back up.  Dark lipstick shades range from dark brown, maroon to deep red combine this with a smokey or neutral eye and you are set.


Choose a good lip pencil to line your lips. Look for pencils that are creamy in texture and that have a color-stay or color-lasting quality. Make sure your liner matches yours lip color for the most natural and elegant look. Once you have lined your lips apply a bit of lip color. Use your finger so you can gently pat the color onto your lip and control the application. This should keep the color and the attention on your perfect pout.

Thank you for checking in today enjoy the weekend and stay blessed.










I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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