Highlight and contour 101

Hey loves first blog this year and I must apologize for being stagnant for a while. Njaanuary was real but as usual we good. On the blog today is a bit on highlighting and contouring. whats with all the hype? and is it necessary?

Minimal makeup look as possible is what many of us ladies go for especially for an everyday look but with all this makeup hype especially about highlighting and contouring…. is all this necessary? I believe whatever you prefer just do it but always be careful not to go overboard. Personally I’m addicted to both contouring and highlighting if you are interested to know how I achieve my full face contour look keep on reading…

I think the main question is why contour? What is the main purpose of contouring? Lets make an observation, If you really focus on your face structure it is naturally contoured. The sides of your face are darker and T-zone a bit highlighted. What makeup does is it brings forth these features and makes them more noticeable. The face becomes more structured and alive. Contouring can become very simple if done right.There are several types of contouring that I have come across especially online:

  • Clown contouring
  • Powder contouring
  • Reverse contouring e.t.c
  • Cream contouring (Kim kardashian style mostly for events )

My favorite or rather the one I mostly do is powder contouring, instead of using dark cream to contour below the chicks i’ll go for a dark powder, this will give the face a simple look.


Steps to achieve a contoured face

  • Make sure you have a strong base from the moisturizing to the primer
    A full coverage foundation depending on the type of skin you have. I shy away from light coverage because I do have fading acne spots if I add contour to all that it will look messy instead flawless.
  • Next is to highlight: Use concealer preferably one shade lighter, two if you are going for an event. A little at a time until you get the desired look. This will go under the eyes and on the forehead blend till there are no harsh lines using the same brush or application tool used to apply the foundation.Β click hereΒ to watch video.

How to use the makeup sponge applicator: Wet the beautyblender with water and squeeze out the excess liquid using a towel if available. Then, apply your product to the makeup sponge and bounce it across your face for flawless results.: Good blending tool

  • Before anything else we want to set the concealer grab a loose powder preferably translucent or one shade lighter than the skin tone and gently pat onto the concealer leave for about a minute or so then gently swipe it off with a powder brush. black opal, suziebeauty
  • Next is to contour basically create shadows underneath the cheek bones to make the highlighted areas pop. Using a powder two shades darker than your skin tone use a wedged brush to gently apply the product a little at a time until the desired look. Go around the forehead leaving the highlighted area be sure to also blend the edges. (Add blush on cheeks, powder highlighter slightly above the cheeks if desired or both if you want a more bold look).

Our Contour Brush has densely packed hair and structured shape so you can achieve flawless dimension along the cheekbones, forehead, and jawline for targeted contouring. (just $6!) #elfcosmetics #playbeautifully #contour:

Soft contour on African American woman #Beatface #MUA #Makeup:

  • Contouring the forehead depends on the size of the forehead a little secret I got. If you have a large forehead highlight a small potion to create the illusion of a smaller forehead and vice vasa. Key word blend
  • Be sure to set the makeup with a setting spray. I use rose water and it works great for me.
  • Finish off with lip gloss and mascara and you are set.

click hereΒ for more information on highlight and contour

Would you contour? leave comment on bar below… Thank you for checking in today.



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