Foundation reloaded.

Makeup For You

“When you are planted in the house of the Lord, you will flourish!” Victoria Osteen.

How amazing was that weekend spending time with family and friends is always the best. The long weekend has left me with nothing but good memories and I hope you have awesome memories too.
Great weekends like these always lead to photo sessions a couple of selfies here and there and the last thing you’d want is for your foundation to mess up the pictures. You might look good in person but the cameras never lie.

I’ve had a few encounters with bad foundation myself its never a good feeling.

Foundation, God’s gift to womankind, however it can either make or break your makeup. I always say every wrong foundation is a step closer to finding the perfect one. Many shy away from using foundations because they are yet to find their shade I recently…

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I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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