Wedding Things

My second wedding makeup event and I absolutely loved it. Location, Kisii county. Even though I did not get to taste sweet bananas I got to meet the kind and loving people who value their culture and one another in every aspect possible.

The wedding was spectacular and I got to capture a few moments with all the people concerned hope you enjoy the photos.


Before pictures of a few of the brides maids. Early morning breakfast at their home village.


Before picture of the beautiful bride.


The brides father it was an honor to meet her entire family.



Early morning preparation a quick look at all the products used. Trust they were not this neat once I was done.

DSC00382[1] DSC00383[1] DSC00384[1] DSC00385[1] DSC00386[1] DSC00389[1] DSC00394[1]

Quick after shots before we left for Β the church ceremony.

I managed to also take landscape shots of the beautiful land of Nyamondo amazing views hope you enjoy.

DSC00401[1] DSC00398[1] DSC00408[1] DSC00414[1]

Now the moment of truth all the photos taken at the church before the main event

DSC00422[1] DSC00423[1] DSC00424[1] DSC00425[1] DSC00426[1] DSC00427[1] DSC00430[1] DSC00432[1] DSC00433[1] DSC00435[1] DSC00436[1] DSC00437[1] DSC00438[1]

There you go guys I had an awesome time with these amazing ladies.

Thanks for checking in mwaaaah!



I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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