Super glow

“You may have taken a different route than you thought, but God knows how to get you to your destination.” Joel Osteen.

Another week, time is flashing by before our eyes make every second count. The cold is getting real though time to seriously keep warm. Hope your week has started off well.

Today we’ll talk about the highlight. Glow during this winter season. Why not? Learn how to achieve a super glow from within.
A glow gives you a straight up fresh bold look you look awake and ready for anything. One thing you should note about highlighters is a little goes a long way especially if you are not wearing any makeup take control give your face what it needs.
Attack your chick bones with the highlighter and let it do its thing.
Make sure it blends really well just by using your ring finger. Remember its all about balance.


Another area you can apply the highlight is at the sides of your forehead at the cupids bow and down the middle of the nose. Have fun with it.

Next up types of highlighters. I use the kiss beauty highlighters get them down at beauty options around 200/- . Another great option is to use your eye-shadow esp the ones with shimmer they work wonders they do come in handy plus they have a variety of shades you can choose from.


Remember to always drink water for a fresh look. Have a reminder on your phone every hour during the day you should have a glass of water stop anything you are doing and drink water. Get the free app in app store.

Thanks for checking in :))

Stay blessed.



I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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