Beauty essentials.

“No matter what your battle is, it is not yours; the battle belongs to the Lord and He has a plan to bring you victory.” Joyce Meyer

It’s always on to the next one when it comes to blogging so many things to learn and share, there’s never an end to it glad to write and chat with my people I hope you had an awesome weekend despite the cold weather.

Today I want you to go back, back to the first beauty product you owned. Mine was in class 8, I bought a cherry lip balm and from that day l knew I couldn’t live without it. I know sounds crazy. How has your kit grown since then are you keeping up with the newest trend?
These are a few makeup essentials that you should own or have in your makeup bag.


A well-stocked makeup bag can take you from school to a friends house and even an overnight trip, but it doesn’t have to be a huge suitcase of supplies.

First have a primer in your bag. Let’s put it this way before a painter paints a wall they first use a base before applying the paint to make it smooth, same thing with the primer, it acts as a base for the foundation making it flawless. Try the flamar primer ksh1900/- I use it on myself and on my clients make sure to moisturize first.

Next get a good foundation this is definitely a great boost. Match it up with your skin type and shade.
Follow up with powder a loose powder to be specific is the best. Get suziebeauty loose powder it has a matte finish. If you not sure about your shade get the translucent one. Goes for ksh1500/- For more affordable products go for #lacolors #iman in any beauty store.

Just have fun with the lips try #nivea, #flamar lipbalm in cherry I love it, keeps lips moisturized and uber soft anything that suits you is OK. Don’t forget to moisturize though for soft lips.


PS the pictures are just a demonstration of what is needed you don’t have to get the exact same product or any product that you are uncomfortable with.

Its winter season in kenya. Use hydrating everything from body wash to lotions the cold can sometimes dry out the skin.


To summarize get a primer, foundation and powder these three items should be in your makeup bag. They are a MUST essentials then you can throw in anything else in there. From lip gloss to eye-shadow, blush etc. Share some of your beauty essentials Something you can’t live without.

Thank you so much for checking in hope you learned something new today and stay tuned for Thursdays post all about date night with your better half just as promised.

Stay pretty.



I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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