Foundation reloaded.

“When you are planted in the house of the Lord, you will flourish!” Victoria Osteen.

How amazing was that weekend spending time with family and friends is always the best. The long weekend has left me with nothing but good memories and I hope you have awesome memories too.
Great weekends like these always lead to photo sessions a couple of selfies here and there and the last thing you’d want is for your foundation to mess up the pictures. You might look good in person but the cameras never lie.

I’ve had a few encounters with bad foundation myself its never a good feeling.

Foundation, God’s gift to womankind, however it can either make or break your makeup. I always say every wrong foundation is a step closer to finding the perfect one. Many shy away from using foundations because they are yet to find their shade I recently found mine and probably we can help each other find your true match.


Moisturize I always say this because I believe in it. My big sister introduced me and I proudly say I’m addicted. Thanks siz.


Moisturizing is key when it comes to foundation application. Let it sink into the skin for twenty minutes then you can apply the foundation starting with small potions as you build up. Let it set for 3-5 minutes them use a tissue to blot out any excess foundation. if you want your makeup to look even more flawless use a primer. You’ll feel like a million bucks plus the cameras will love you.
If you want to check out tips for finding your true match click on the link a recent blog where I wrote about foundation secrets.

There are so many foundations out there you wouldn’t know where to begin but to all my ladies who already have found it they’ll tell you its worth it.
First step identify your skin type if your face is oily you’ll definitely need a oil free foundation try Mary kay. If you have dry to normal skin you can try the alternative foundations for all skin types. BB creams work wonders as well click on the link where you’ll learn more about BB creams.


I personally have different foundation brands but I’m in love with maybilline it blends really well giving the skin that flawless finish. The purpose of foundation is to make the skin more even and toned there’s nothing much to it keep calm and look fab.


Never sleep with your makeup on you’ll get breakouts and acne. Be sure to wipe it off using wet wipes before you jump in bed. Truly foundation doesn’t cause face problems check your skin care routine and the expiry date, foundations should last for only two years.

When setting foundation use a press powder, this will absorb all the extra oil. Use bloating papers to remove oil around the T-zone. Example of good powders include Suzie beauty loose powder, Revlon, Mary kay amongst others.
Add a touch of lip gloss and mascara and you are out the door.
Which foundation do you use? I’m looking for a water proof foundation help me out if you’ve heard of one.

Thank you for checking in :))

stay pretty.



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4 thoughts on “Foundation reloaded.

  1. I am using Mary Kay and it works for me but i am also learning more from different types of foundation and what works for your skin type.
    Thank you.


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