Beauty and the boy..

“If you’re doing what God is asking you to do in your little corner of the world, then you’re doing the greatest thing you can do!”. Joyce Meyer.

What I love about guys is their way of thinking. It’s way different from ours they are more honest and chilled so trust they will commend you if you on point or not and truth be told their opinion sometimes does count. Always remember though whatever makes you feel beautiful is what matters.

Bringing me back to the topic of discussion what men think about makeup or the whole beauty system. Now I won’t speak for all men but one thing I’m sure of they simply don’t care as long as you don’t look cray cray they are good. Fact is with or without makeup we are still the same people. Don’t neglect your beauty. Embrace it PS they find that very sexy.

They are with you during makeup or nomakeup days so just do you. Keep calm and have fun with it.
These are a few makeup tips for my girls who don’t ware that much or non at all to look good for their better half.

First drink lots of water and stay away from the sun we don’t want to look like we came from the sahara. We want to look healthy and glowing,water does that. Diet too and most importantly be stress free always smile and be happy. Try to be positive no matter how tough the situation is your skin will thank you, plus you’ll age gracefully and I think that is one of our missions here.


Moisturize, you should live and breathe moisturizing especially during night time you’ll wake up with fresh skin dancing to beyonce’s flawless he’ll be all over you.

Take good care of your lips. Use balm to moisturize and don’t forget to exfoliate this will make your lips uber soft and pink the kissing will never be the same. Go an extra mile and purchase a scented tasty lipgloss you’ll thank me later. Try Victoria secret and nivea lipbalm all in beauty stores.

To prevent or reduce stretch marks always moisturize. Your skin should always be hydrated. Use herbal moisturizers or you can make your own, olive oil and aloe vera are good examples.
Increase your vitamin c intake,
Use vitamin E oil,
Use essential oils such myrrh, lavender, rose etc.
Some of you guys suggested drinking wine, foods and supplements with vitamin E, coco butter and exercise which I’m definitely going to try out.

Smell good. Invest in a good perfume leave your scent on his clothes when he goes out trust he’ll think about you all day.


Apply two coats of mascara on both the top and bottom lashes this will open up your eyes more making them pop, don’t forget to have your eyebrows and nails done that’s the best no makeup look. Oh not to forget the hair these are a few foods that will make your hair strong and healthy ummmm. I’ll meet you guys in the fridge.
Have any beauty secrets you want to share or a question you’d like to ask Post on the comment bar. :))

I’ll blog about date night makeup with your man stay tuned for that. ;))

stay pretty.



I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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