Red = Bad??

“When we obey God’s Word because we love God, we don’t need justification for doing what’s right. We just do what’s right because it’s right.” Joyce Meyer.

In ancient history makeup especially the red lipstick was banned by the government because it was considered a form of witchcraft that was used to lure married men. I know.

Well thank the heavens I wasn’t around then because I live for the red lip. It immediately pulls your entire look together giving it that sleek edge that is very captivating to the eye. I say go for it rock that red lip don’t worry about the ancient world.


Finding the right red shade is however a problem. The secret, the darker you are the darker the shade but on the other hand you can find your true match in any form, you’ll be surprised it works for you whether light or dark. Your red is out there.


Red is perfect for a night out but not only that, you know those lazy weekends that any kind of makeup just won’t do but you still want to pop, that red lip with shades is just what you need. If you are a die hard diva, add on a fancy hat if its cold a scarf and you are set. Don’t forget to moisturize though makeup or no makeup.


Use a red lip liner so it stays on all day without smudging and always wear that beautiful smile.
Try getting the Mac lipstick in matte red – Uchumi Mombasa road
Sleek, Iman and Suzie beauty- super cosmetics.

Now there’s always that cup situation which I hate. That lipstick stain is not flattering at all. There are several lipstick brands that don’t do that even when you hug or kiss someone on the cheek it doesn’t stain at all. Stays on all day and can only be removed using oil. How awesome is that?

The down side, very expensive and I have not seen one here in Nairobi. Fortunately a few of my readers have and they swear by the nouba millebaci number 46 or 7 and I’m super excited to go give it a try. Only 1600ksh at nakumatt ukay nakshi ground floor they say its worth every penny. Time to invest. Tell me what you think, which brand is your true red?

For more information on the outfit click on the link below.

That’s it loves thank you checking in today :)) for any queries or additions post on the comment bar. Stay pretty.



I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

3 thoughts on “Red = Bad??

  1. i love me a red lip especially on date nights
    try a nouba millebaci number 46 or 7 that lippy does not come off all day.infact apply first before the rest of your make-up because if you dont apply correctly n nid to remove it…it will ruin the rest of yur make up
    available at nakshi groundfloor nakumatt ukay @ 1,600 worth every penny!!

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