Look 4

“Don’t worry about what didn’t work out and who did you wrong. That setback can launch you to a new level.” Joel Osteen.

Its been days since I added a new post, always glad to be back writing to you guys.

Still on the collaboration with houseofNkanya which was an amazing experience happy to present to you look 4.


Beautiful everything! For this look I did a simple contour her face was already beat so it was easy working on her.

For a more sophisticated look wear a bold lip with neutral eye-shadow or non at all. I usually stress on this because trust me you don’t want to look like a clown. When working with a neutral lip you have permission to go as dramatic as you want on the eyes. This balances the look making it more classy.

For a party look you are free to have fun with colours but be wise when combining the shades its hard to pull off a red eye-shadow and purple lips. Try and be settle maybe a purple eye with a light pink lip. Remember to always blend the shades for a smooth finish. Party girls don’t get hurt.

Lashes by Mac..
Eye-shadow Naked3 pallete
Foundation LA colours
Blush kiss beauty
Lips LA colors
Loose powder Suzie beauty and finally
Highlight kiss beauty
All products available at any beauty store in town you know them beauty options and super cosmetics.


I always use a brow pencil for the eye brows. If you are of a lighter shade use a light brown pencil if you fall under dark skin tone use a darkbrown pencil. Never use a black pencil it will look overdrown and unnatural nobody wants that.



Pop those falsies on. I use Remi hair they are 100% human hair and come in all sizes. Remember lashes opens up your eyes more and is very flattering. I’ll post a how to wear falsies soon stay tuned ladies.

OK ladies that’s it for look 4 for more information on the beautiful gowns click on the link below

Thank you for checking.



I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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