Luscious lips. Mmmmm!!

Guys have been constantly asking me how my lips tend to be glossy all the time like literally all day and they wonder how I do it and its actually not that hard all you need is that lip gloss in your bag always and you are set.

Now obviously there are bad brands out there that can seriously damage your lips stay away from those they usually smell funky…. find one that is scented and of Corse has that sweet taste but don’t go around licking your own lips you’ll end up wasting your gloss.

I can go on and on about the different brands that are good but it usually comes down to you wanting to look amazing just apply the lip gloss and rock it the trick is to just be confident and work it.


When eating open your mouth..!! it’s tricky, coming from a person who loves food I do feel you same as when drinking and leaving that nasty stain on a glass or cup but what can you do and at the same time you wanna look good if you have time though you can always excuse yourself go wipe it off and enjoy your beverage then apply when you done that’s it! if you know of how to fix this please do share. Please.

I use sleek I love its texture and color, It does have its downside though…  too damn expensive for my budget at times goes for I think 700ksh so I have to compensate I use a more affordable one which goes for only 100ksh the ushas new fruit lip gloss wih moisturizer plus vitamin sounds good right? and you guys! it stays on there like forever and you can find it in every beauty shop around town.

You can always use other brands that you love there are so many good ones out there that even I myself would love to try out just remember to be confident and rock them lips and oh! To prevent your lips from cracking don’t forget to apply Vaseline or any other moisturizer that you prefer… for questions inbox or drop an email 🙂



I see beauty everywhere makeup is My way of expressing it God, Family, Integrity Welcome to the beauty bar. New blog posts every Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday

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