Clean handbag???

Sometimes our handbags tend to get really dirty on the inside atleast my bag, what I do and would love to share with my favorite people is I section my bag by getting three separate small bags.

I know it does sound like bags on top of bags but it really does help you guys. Now; have a small bag for your makeup and other beauty products e.g. lipstick, lotion you know them.. another bag for your stationery; pen, rubber, ok the last bag finally is your purse yea for the cash gotta have that! so that’s it. A lot of bags but it definitely makes your bag neat and creates lots of space for the books,; sweater or scarf and it’s easy to retrieve something you don’t have to dig inside your handbag to get that lipgloss because now you have a clear view of where everything is saves time also.


It’s fun especially if you have cute bags that match your handbag wow! Who wouldn’t want that? Give it a try and tell me what you think. Be fabulous. Oh! almost forgot the size of the bags depends on the size of the items and how you feel ofcorse, they should fit inside your handbag though for space. Share your thoughts, what you do to keep your bag clean and tidy. Mwaaah!


Bags not for sale though. I know sorry :-((



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