Foundation secrets

Now I know getting the right foundation match for your skin type can be tricky sometimes trust! I have harshly learnt my lesson one thing is that there’s a foundation shade for each skin type even if it’s achieved by mixing two shades together. Finding ‘the one’ is where the probelm comes in but fear no more because I’ll show you how to pick your foundation shade.
Ok choose three shades that you think might be your shade now forget the hand technique instead match it on your chest or the jaw line and the one that blends well, the one that is kind of invisible that’s the right shade.


The middle shade tends to blend more than the other shades in the above figure  which appears too ashy and dark. We use the neck because we don’t want  the face to have a different tone from the rest of your body especially in pictures no lady should go through that. Use a beauty blender to apply your foundation or better yet your hands it blends deep into your skin giving it an amazing finish. Make sure to set your foundation with setting powder.
Five foundations that I swear by
1. Suzie beauty
2. Revlon
3. Mary kay
4. Black up
5. Maybelline
They are all fantastic and have beautiful coverage and are affordable
If you are a brush girl here’s each brush and their uses


There are high end foundations that are pretty expensive but let’s mention them anyway
They have amazing coverage Get one for that special occasion


Hope you enjoyed and learnt something new
Remember to have fun with it 🙂
For questions or addition comment below would love to read your opinion.



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